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After service

After service

Three Guarantees Principle
1. When you purchase a car, you should be inspected, debugged correctly, and have the right to ask the sales staff to provide correct methods of use and maintenance matters, provide a valid invoice and maintenance card, maintenance unit, address, contact phone.
2. The user should operate the product correctly according to the instruction manual. Where performance failure occurs due to manufacturing quality reasons, according to the People's Republic of China Quality Law, the People's Republic of China Consumer Rights Protection Law and the relevant three product guarantee regulations, the company shall perform the three guarantees obligation.
Three Guarantees Fault Type
Natural welding, desoldering, fracture, etc .; large pieces falling off, discoloration, bubbles; damage, deformation or fracture; consumables; performance failure due to poor manufacturing and cannot be repaired; phase loss of the coil burned, magnetic steel demagnetized and dropped, and axle deformation Other quality problems cannot be repaired; performance failure caused by the battery itself is bad.
Type of warranty parts
Frame, front fork, handlebar, rim, painted parts, electroplated parts, rear axle, brake, flywheel shock absorber, pedal, controller, charger, display instrument, speed control handle, brake handle, power failure Switch lighting assembly, motor, lead-acid battery, lithium battery.
Three Guarantees Period
Three months, half a year, one year, ranging from 2-3 years

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