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Maintenance and repair
  For your driving safety and to keep your car in the best condition, please maintain and clean it regularly.
Regular maintenance self-test content
  Whether the front and rear wheel screws are tightened. Whether the tread pattern is worn and cracked. Whether the transmission system is smooth. Whether the front and rear tire pressures are appropriate. Bell, whether the rear reflector is intact. Whether the joints of all parts are locked and corroded; whether the brake cable is used under lubrication. If the car is not suitable for a long time, please pay attention to regular charging (usually about one month apart) to maintain the life of your battery.
Maintenance cleaning instructions
  It is forbidden to use high-pressure water column cleaning, so as to avoid the hidden danger of accidents caused by the internal electronic components and circuits being wet. Please use a neutral detergent to gently wipe the dirt on the surface of the paint or plastic with a rag, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. Use lubricating oil to wipe the metal parts of the car body for maintenance. It is forbidden to oil the front and rear brakes, rims and tires.account

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