The difference between mountain bikes and road bikes

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The difference between mountain bikes and road cars: different tires, different handlebars, different frames, different weights, different speeds, different brakes, different functions, different shock absorbers, different transmission gears, different parts combinations.

The tires are different: the tires of road cars are mostly below 20 mm, and the tires of mountain bikes are usually above 19 mm. Mountain bike tires are thicker and have wider tread than road bike tires. Road bike tires are thinner and have fewer tread patterns than mountain bike tires.

Tianjin Yihao Bicycle Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Yihao Bicycle Co., Ltd. mainly produces and operates running Wolf bicycle, running Wolf electric vehicle, located in Tianjin Wuqing District Chensui Town Wanxing Industrial Zone Xingfa Road No. 4.


Tianjin: No mobile phones allowed on electric bikes!

In our daily life, "mobile phone phubbing" more and more, through the media related reports, many people know that driving to use mobile phones is illegal, do not know that driving non-motor vehicles to use mobile phones also have greater security risks. In order to effectively eliminate hidden dangers, the "Several Regulations on Road Traffic Safety in Tianjin City" to be implemented on January 1, 2021 clearly stipulates that when non-motor vehicles pass on the road, drivers shall not carry out behaviors that hinder road traffic safety such as browsing electronic devices, hand-held answering and making phone calls.


Crazy bike-sharing has been confiscated by the government, and the concept of sharing is collapsing faster than you thought

When the shared bike is riding the wind and waves all the way to more cities, the government has come forward to park it. On Christmas Day, the Traffic Management Bureau of Chengdu Public Security Bureau formulated and issued the "Technical Guidelines for the location of non-motor vehicle Parking in Public Areas of Chengdu City Center", and bicycles have the "correct posture" of parking in Chengdu - put in a white frame and face the same direction.进白框,统一朝向。