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700C polar wind 7.0

  • Commodity name: 700C polar wind 7.0
  • Commodity ID: PL-670-29


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  • Description
  • Parts items Basic configuration
    Frame Carbon fiber barrel frame
    Fork Carbon fiber barrel shaft fork
    handlebar Carbon fiber integrated handlebar
    Variable speed finger dial SHIMANO105R700022S
    Front transmission SHIMANO105R70002S
    Rear transmission SHIMANO105R700011S
    Chainring SHIMANO105R7000
    flywheel SHIMANOR700011-28T
    Brakes Pnoken line pulls the oil dish
    Tire CST700*28C60TPI skin edge tire
    Rim Carbon wheels
    Foot All-aluminum pelin pedals
    Saddle tube Carbon fiber saddle tube
    saddle Fi, Zi, K road bike cushion
    Packaging method Carton packaging

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700C polar wind 7.0

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