Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance and repair

For your driving safety, but also to keep your car in good condition, please regular maintenance and cleaning.

Content of regular maintenance self-inspection

Whether the front and rear wheel screws are locked. Whether the pattern of the tire is worn and cracked. Whether the transmission system is smooth. Whether the front and rear tire pressure is appropriate. Whether the bell and rear reflector are in good condition. Whether the joints of each part are locked and corroded; whether the brake cable is used under lubrication. If the car is not suitable for a long time, please pay attention to regular charging (usually about a month apart) to maintain the service life of your battery.

Maintenance Cleaning Instructions

It is forbidden to clean with high-pressure water column to avoid potential accidents caused by soaking of internal electronic components and circuits. Please use neutral detergent to gently wipe the surface stain of paint or plastic parts with a rag, and then wipe with a dry cloth. Please use lubricating oil to wipe the metal parts of the car body for maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to oil the front and rear brakes, rims and tires.

After-sales service

Three Guarantees Principle

1. When you buy a car, you should inspect and debug it correctly, and have the right to ask the sales staff to provide the correct use method and maintenance items, and provide valid invoices and maintenance cards, as well as maintenance units, addresses and contact numbers. 2. Users should operate and use correctly in accordance with the user manual. In case of performance failure due to manufacturing quality, according to the the People's Republic of China quality law, the the People's Republic of China consumer protection law and the relevant national product three guarantees regulations, the company shall perform the three guarantees obligation uniformly.

Three Guarantees Fault Type

Natural welding, desoldering, fracture and other phenomena; Large pieces fall off, fade and bubble; Damage, deformation or fracture; Vulnerable parts; Performance failure due to poor manufacturing and cannot be repaired; Quality problems such as coil phase loss and burning, magnetic steel demagnetization and falling off, wheel axle deformation, etc. cannot be repaired; Performance failure caused by poor battery itself.

Types of Warranty Parts

Frame, front fork, handlebar, rim, painted parts, electroplated parts, rear axle, expansion brake, flywheel shock absorber, pedal, controller, charger, display instrument, speed control lever, brake handle, power-off switch lamp assembly, motor, lead-acid battery, lithium battery. The three-package period ranges from three months, half a year, one year and 2-3 years.